Track the stream of design changes and PCB layout edits

Know the status of your projects!

Increase efficiency and

Maintain profitability

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Armed with data, HW managers can see which projects are headed for trouble and adjust resources for maximum results. Download this free whitepaper to understand how tracking of simple measurments over time can provide compelling insights.

Learn Why

  • PCB Design is "the eye of the storm" where the requirements from multiple technical diciplines converge
  • Modern ECAD tools are excellent sources of project management data
  • Recording the "Agreement" of scope, schedule and budget is the baseline required for meaningful insights.

Learn How

  • Data collected from PCB ECAD tools can be organize into "Observations" over time.
  • Spend and schedule targets can be visualized into an easy to read "At a glance" bullet charts.
  • Scope creep in projects can be easily detected and measured
  • Monitoring hours worked can show which of your PCB Design staff may be overworked